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vérifier avec les compagnies pour les prix et les jours de départs et possibilité de réservations en avance, parfois réserve sur certains destinations par des tours operators étrangers longtemps en avance... dans ce cas reste le bus, le vélo, le cheval, la voiture, le taxi, a pied....

check with airlines for prices and fares and how possible to book, sometimes some destinations are all booked by tour operators…

Mongolia Flights - International & Domestic

All Flight Routes to Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) 2012

Japan - from Tokyo and Osaka.
South Korea - from Seoul.
Russia - from Moscow, Ulan Ude and Irkutsk.
China - from Beijing, Hohhot, Urumqi
Germany - from Berlin and Munich (summer 2012)
Kazakhstan - from Almaty to Olgii in west Mongolia.
Hong-Kong (summer 2012)

All Airlines to Mongolia(2012)

MIAT Mongolian Airlines - from Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan, Hong-Kong and China.
EZNIS (mainly Mongolian domestic flights) from Ulan-Ude in Russia and from Hailar in China.
Aero Mongolia (mainly Mongolian domestic flights) from Urumqi and Hohhot in China, and from Irkutsk in Russia.
Air China, from China.
Aeroflot Russian Airlines, from Russia.
Korean Airlines, from South Korea.
SCAT Airlines, from Kazakhstan (flight to Olgii in west Mongolia) For English assistance in purchasing SCAT tickets from Almaty try Valentina Guesthouse.

Mongolia Domestic Flights(2012)

All Mongolian airlines operating domestic scheduled flights
Aero Mongolia
Mongolian Airlines

2012 typical prices from Ulaanbaatar one way

South - Gobi - Dalanzadgad Airport $172
North - Hovsgol lake - Morun Airport $172
West - Hovd $304, Olgii $326
East - Choibalsan $191
Return tickets are double
Discounts are available - check with the airline.


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